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Audio Editing

The Necessity of Audio Editing

Inside the studio rooms, everything is soundproof. The walls are insulated in such a way that they keep all sound out of the room. That does not mean the noise inside the room will not get recorded. All of the equipment is built high quality and will pick up any sound in the room. Audio editing is when all of these sounds get removed from the recordings. Sometimes a pitch may be too high or unwanted material may be added into the mix. Before the final piece is complete, audio editing removes all the stuff that does not need to be in the track. Live recordings are another time when audio editing takes place. The crowds are still in the background, but the sound gets cut in half while the performance is captured at its finest. With all soundtracks, everything gets recorded separately. When the team mixes the separate recordings, editing is also involved in putting everything on time.

Podcast production is something else that Sounds For Visuals can produce for our clients. Podcast production is always better with a team backing up the project. Some do it on their own, but with the technology and the experience, things run so much more smoothly. A podcast producer can bring the ideas to the table and knows how to work the system to promote and expose for more listeners. Keeping this in mind, a producer is more like a manager, and they know the playing fields and how to get the sound better. The roles of a podcast producer work the same for any project. They work with the client to come up with the perfect vision. After the concept and path are understood, they manage and oversee the production. Coordination and editing are the next steps taken. Last, they run it as a business from start to finish.

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