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You can go beyond generic music libraries, and visualize your own soundtrack.
We will help you create the perfect sound+music narrative to your visual project, interactive media or film.

How does it Work?

1) You have a film - video - interactive media project in your hands
2) You wish you could write your own music and sounds ideas to it
3) You come here! But your budget is not so high.
4) We help you anyways! 
5) Take a look on how customizable we are, and write us back:

> You are able to define:

The Length 


30 - 120 seconds

2-5 minutes

3-15 minutes

20 minutes

20 - 24 minutes

90 minutes


Dreamy + Ecstatic + Happy + Mellow Peaceful + Silly   + Blissful + Gloomy + Optimistic


This means you can choose the characteristic features of how of a certain era, musician, or instrument is played or expected to sound.


Tempo + Types of Energy   + Rhythms + Changes


You can decide whether electronic, or real. You can also choose beat machines, pedals, and specific effects.


Any musical genre you want!

You can also mix many together.

Sound Design

You will also have

the capability to add specific

sound design to your production.

> Delivery

Delivery time varies 

according to project and budget available.

Total number of revisions

will also vary depending on budget.

> Budget

We got you!

If your budget is not so high, we will still provide a beautiful and creative music solution that makes sense to your pocket. Specially if you are an independent artist, freelance professional, or small business.

> Examples of what we can compose for


Demo Reels

Presentation Videos


Web Series

Personal Videos

Sound Logos

Web Series


Audio Documentaries


Video Art

Theatre Plays


Featured Films


Interactive Media

Virtual Reality

Sound Installations


Phone Apps

Software Development


Live Performances

And more...

> Examples of Prices

3 Instagram Songs
*1 minute each
*You choose genre+tempo
*You choose 3 main instruments
Music for Trailer
*For Independent Film Makers
*120 Seconds 
*You can choose mood + 2 main instruments + tempo + style
*3 minutes
*You choose 2 genres + tempo
+1 main mood + 1 change
*You choose 3 main instruments
Composition for 
your Demo Reel
So that we are able to brainstorm a solution for you
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