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Music Composer


How do we close a deal?

After initial phone or e-mail conversation about a project, we send a final proposal by email. Upon agreement (which can be discussed) client is expected to sign agreement, and send it back to us, so that we are able to initiate work.

How many "reviews" does client get?

Proposal will state how many, which will be defined by client's budget.

How is the price of a composition stipulated?

Depending on how detailed the project is, how much creative freedom the client wants, and on the final budget, we define a final price. - Remember that client always has the ability to "purchase" extra revisions, extra layers of instruments, and other elements for the composition. These extra "add-ons" will also have an extra cost.


How is payment submitted?

We work with Authorize.Net. We don't get credit card numbers by phone, only via online payment.

When should client pay?

Upon agreement of proposal an initial payment is required so that we are able to start working on project.

50% of final rate is required if budget is lower than $1,000.

25% if budget if budget is higher than $1,000.

We will only initiate work upon approval of this payment, that could be considered as a deposit. 

What about the remaining?

The remaining of payment should be made as soon as our work is accomplished.

Special accommodation:

If final cost is over $1,000, then we can divide the final cost into 3 different payments:

--> 1st payment: 25% of cost will be expected as an initial deposit.

--> 2nd: 50% of it, when our work is finished and delivered to you. 

--> 3rd: We will give you 2 extra weeks to make the final payment for the remanning 25%. 


We love working with creative hearts and we will embrace your vision like it's ours! We will talk to you by phone, e-mail, telepathically (if necessary), so that we can make sure we are following your imagination, desires, and guidelines for your project. - You will have the opportunity to guide us so that we are able to accomplish work as you wish - of course, always respecting the limits stablished on the proposal according to how much your budget is.


If you decide we are not able to fulfill your needs, then we need to be informed before final work is sent to you. You will have the opportunity to let us know whenever you receive first revisions. If you are not satisfied with any of the revisions, then we can go ahead and cancel the order - However, we will still keep the deposit. 

If you decide to cancel the order because we were not able to fulfill service per guidelines, than we will not deliver final work - we will only deliver revisions. -  The final payment will not be requested by us either. - If we do our job correctly, and all the guidelines stipulated by you are followed accordingly, then a refund will be denied because that means we tried our best! We would deliver final work, and a final payment would be expected too. Thank you so much for understanding!


Final decisions are made via contracts that are sent physically, or electronically. Terms and conditions depend vastly on projects, and all parties will have further information whenever project starts. 


We make it a priority to provide strong privacy to our clients. We will send you a privacy statement on the initial proposal, stating that we will never share any of your work with anyone. - We will not share any of your personal information, such as your email address, phone number to anyone outside of Sounds For Visuals.


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