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Music Composer

What Does A Music Composer Do?

At every corner of life, there is music. Television commercials, radio, video games, phone ringtones, and many more aspects of our everyday lives have music. But where did this music come to originate? Somewhere, a music composer had an idea or a melody in their head and put the music down on paper and in a song or a tune. A music composer has experience with the sounds, rhythms, tempos, harmonic structures, instruments, tone balance, distortions, effects, and vocals to know how to put music altogether and make it work. They use synthesizers, computers, and an excellent ear to arrange, orchestrate, and compose music. Sometimes the composer will come up with the lyrics to songs but not all the time. When it comes to songs, there are songwriters who will write the words separately. These songs can go into video games, movies, shows, or sold to artists who can make a song famous.

A sound design artist is someone who does almost the same thing as a music composer. They work in the studios and are the collectors of the ideas and takes their talent and creativity to produce the audio elements. The tools used in sound design is different from what a music composer uses, but the creativity of both are along the same lines. In sound design, the soundtracks get created for their needs. There are different needs for sound designs. In theater, a sound designer will put together the final soundtrack for the film or performance. When composing a song or album, the sound designer will put together the final pieces to complete the project. Often, the sound design will manipulate the composer or done previously to fit the agenda of what is needed, especially in films. It is not that any of the ideas were no good; the sound designer has to make the music fit. It takes a team effort.

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